Hardware & Networking course deals with the hardware architecture and networking component. This course teach you from basic computer hardware components to advanced stuffs. You can learn PC Assembling & Disassembling, BIOS Configuration, Networking fundamentals, Network Connectivity and sharing and many more. Similarly, you will learn troubleshooting of different problems and make you expertise in this technical field.

What you will know on this course

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PC Assembling & Diasassembling
  • BIOS Configuration
  • Create Bootable Disk(DVD, USB)
  • Operating System Installation
  • Software Setup & Installation¬†
  • Data Recovery
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Network Connectivity and sharing
  • Multi PC System
  • Utility tools trouble shooting

What you can do after the completion of this course

  • Can work as Hardware Technician
  • Troubleshoot Windows problems
  • Configure Networking problems
  • Assemble and Disassemble PC
  • Windows setup, Installation and configuration

Course Duration: 3 months

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