Advanced Computer Diploma Course offers thorough knowledge in various computer fields. You can get in-depth knowledge on Microsoft Office Packages, graphic designing and many more. Similarly, you will know about the HTML which is used for creating web pages.

What you will know on this course

  • Review of Office Package(Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Disk Operating System(D0S)
  • E-mail & Internet
  • Basic Hardware & Networking
  • Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML)
    Project Work

What you can do after the completion of this course

  • Be able to work as Office Specialist
  • Can make beautiful design and brochures
  • Can configure networking and hardware troubleshooting
  • Able to make web pages
  • Can configure Microsoft Windows problems

Course Duration: 3 months

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