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If you believe you have been excluded from an inheritance or have not received an appropriate portion of the estate, you can contest a will or assert an inheritance claim. “Preparing self-made wills can lead to problems. This statement is not a paid advertisement for the legal profession. It is a statement of fact. There are four main types of claims you can choose from when trying to challenge a will, including: Unfortunately, family relationships can often become strained, and so it`s not uncommon for one or more family members who would normally expect to be beneficiaries under a parent`s will to feel that they have not been fairly covered in a will. Our wills, estates and estates lawyers have extensive experience in the following areas: Estate disputes can take many forms. For example, we can advise and represent you if a deceased family member did not leave enough care for you in their will. The applicable legislation is the Family Provisions Act 1972 (WA), and eligible applicants include spouses and common-law partners (including former spouses and common-law partners who were held by the deceased at the time of death), children and, in certain circumstances, stepchildren, grandchildren and parents. This can be made worse if you find that your claim is being challenged by a family member who is making an inheritance claim. On the other hand, you may want to contest a will because you feel that you have been wrongly excluded from the will or you find that you receive less than the amount you expected from the deceased.

You can also contest a will because you have doubts about the mental capacity of the deceased at the time the will was drafted or because you are concerned that the deceased was subjected to undue pressure from another party when drafting the will. Our advice may vary depending on the individual circumstances of the individual case. Please contact our experienced will, estate and estate lawyers to discuss your application in more detail. In this case, the children of the deceased`s wife were disinherited on the basis of a self-created will. Our experienced team of probate litigation lawyers can provide you with the advice you need to determine whether it is worth making a claim on a deceased person`s estate, taking into account all the facts involved. We resolve most disputes quickly and discreetly amicably. Dwyer Durack`s professional team of estate and estate lawyers has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the areas of estate planning, contested wills and estate services in accordance with estate law and the Family Dispositions Act. We treat your case with individual care and understanding. For more information or to obtain quality legal advice from one of our experienced will, estate and estate lawyers, contact our Perth law firm today at (08) 9289 9888.

Our law firm is ideally located in the heart of Perth`s central business district, on St Georges` Terrace. In addition, you will find more information on wills, estates and estates below. At Maurice Blackburn, 98% of testamentary disputes are resolved without going through the courts. However, regardless of the intentions of his or her deceased parent, it may be possible for a person who has been wrongly excluded from a will to apply for a higher pension from an estate under the Family Provisions Act 1972 (WA). Classes of persons entitled to make a claim under the Family Provisions Act, 1972 (WA) include: We have experience challenging the decisions of the superannuation trustee regarding payments, and if you or your dependents do not believe that a fair and reasonable decision has been made by the superannuation trustee, please contact us. Our experienced team can help you determine whether it is useful and cost-effective to request a review of the decision. It is important to note that there are strict deadlines for reviewing the pension trustee`s decision, so it is important to seek legal advice once a decision has been made. Sometimes this information will only be known after the funeral. In the normal course of things, after the deceased`s bank has been informed of his death, the bank usually freezes the deceased`s accounts, with the exception of the payment of funeral bills (or the reimbursement of the people who paid these bills). In the absence of a will, the estate is distributed (subject to any claim under the Family Pensions Act) in accordance with the table in Section 14 of the Administrative Act 1903 (WA). When a claim is made, it is up to the court to decide whether the will (or, if there is no will, the Intestate Act) made reasonable arrangements for the claimant.

If this is not the case, the court may order that this provision be removed from the estate. A court considers all the circumstances of the case, such as the financial means and needs of the person bringing the action and the nature of the relationship between the deceased and the person bringing the action. The person suing must be able to prove more than that it is not fair that the deceased left him nothing in his will. We will do our best to find evidence to support your application that will help you get what you deserve. Your first consultation, where we determine if your case is strong enough, is free. If you decide that we are the right lawyers for the position, we will often work with you on a “no-win, no-cost” basis. Maurice Blackburn`s lawyers have a long history of resolving testamentary disputes in Australia. Our experienced will and estate lawyers settle 98% of testamentary disputes amicably. If you are considering contesting a will or estate that does not have a will, we would like to give you clear information about legal procedures and some practical tips to help you resolve the estate dispute in the most cost-effective way. We also offer advice and representation if you are the executor of the estate`s will or a beneficiary defending your claim in an estate dispute.

In addition to helping you contest a will, our lawyers in Perth have expertise in other areas of probate litigation. These include lost wills, the interpretation of wills, disagreements between beneficiaries over the distribution of estate assets, and problems with executors. Making a will is one of the best ways to ensure that your assets and assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. This can save your loved ones a lot of stress and money in what is undoubtedly a difficult time. Since being called to the bar, she has focused on litigation related to equity claims, actions under the Succession Act, and disputes involving deceased estates, trusts and wills. Maree also writes wills and administers non-contentious estates. Our experienced will, estate and estate lawyers are on hand to help you through this difficult time and guide you through the different processes you may need to complete. Whatever your situation, our team of will, estate and estate lawyers can help.

Whether you need help making a will, contesting or contesting a will, or need advice on the next steps in managing the estate of a deceased family member, Dwyer Durack`s friendly and professional team of estate and estate lawyers will be happy to help. For more information in the Wills, Estates and Estates section, please contact our experienced team of lawyers specializing in wills, estates and estates at (08) 9289 9888. In general, the first step is usually to conduct an estate search with the Estates Office of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Depending on the result of your research, it may then be appropriate to contact the executor/administrator of the deceased`s condition. Our experienced will, estate and estate lawyers can help you with this process. These issues can be difficult for all family members involved, and we will always try to resolve these disputes without judicial intervention. We have experience in mediation and negotiation of probate disputes and can draft a family agreement deed once an agreement has been reached. .

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