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Fixed-term contracts generally do not have a notice period and simply expire at the end of the term or on the date specified in the contract (unless they terminate them earlier by one of the parties – see answers to questions 5 and 6 below). In 2018, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) introduced a new rule that allows companies to recruit professionals at home or abroad under a multi-employer contract (part-time contract). This type of contract is limited only to skilled workers, i.e. holders of a university degree or higher and those who have obtained a two- or three-year degree in a technical or scientific field. A fixed-term employment contract is also called a fixed-term contract. It clearly defines the start and end dates of the employment regime and has a maximum duration of four years. It is often associated with the duration of the residence visa of the person concerned in the United Arab Emirates. It may also change depending on the location of the employer. 4. How can a permanent contract be terminated by an employee? An employee can terminate by giving the employer the contractual notice period (which, according to the employment contract, must be at least 30 calendar days or more). Alternatively, the employee may dismiss without notice in accordance with section 121 of the Act. A contract of indefinite duration is open, more flexible and is widely used in the United Arab Emirates.

It can be terminated by mutual agreement or with 1 to 3 months` notice. The parties concerned must comply with their obligations throughout the notice period. A permanent contract can be terminated at any time by the employer or employee with 30 days` notice. A notice period not exceeding three months is also possible by mutual agreement between the two parties. Know the different types of private sector employment contracts in the UAE. On the other hand, in addition to the reason stated in Article 113 of the UAE Labour Law, as stated above, an employee can legally terminate a fixed-term employment contract if: In addition, an employer can immediately terminate an employee who has a fixed-term contract without specifying a notice period. if one of the grounds for dismissal set out in Article 120 of the United Arab Emirates Labour Code occurs. Article 120 of the UAE Labour Code sets out the following ten reasons: 7. What happens if the fixed-term contract contains a notice period? If the contract contains provisions on a notice period, this provision must be made available to the other party in addition to any early termination compensation due. However, living in a foreign country also comes with an underlying responsibility. The UAE is known to have strict rules.

As an expat, you are expected to know the laws and abide by them. Since most foreigners in the UAE come as job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs, it is important to know the main differences between fixed-term and open-ended contracts. This type of employment contract is automatically terminated if it is not renewed by a certain date. In addition, its extension requires the consent of both the employer and the employee. Following recent reforms of the UAE`s labour market, fixed-term contracts have a maximum duration of 2 years, compared to 4 years previously. The contract must also include a termination. In general, fixed-term contracts mention the start and end dates of the period of employment. If the contract is not renewed, it will be terminated automatically upon expiration. It is important to note that an employee who has not completed a year of uninterrupted service is not entitled to a tip. This rule applies regardless of whether the employee has a limited or open-ended contract.

Here`s how the two contracts differ in tipping: An employment contract is the ultimate proof of the terms of the contract between an employer and an employee. Therefore, it must be taken seriously and must be followed throughout the period of employment. I haven`t really read all the details, but the main difference between the two, as far as I`m looking for, is this: if termination is provided for in a fixed-term contract, it must be provided to the other party in addition to an early termination fee due. I am grateful to have a job in Dubai as I can read other Pinoys who are struggling to find work in the UAE. Also, I know that depending on what everyone is going through, I just need to gain experience so that I can present a better resume when I apply for other jobs after my contract expires. We met and he explained the details of the job offer letter to me. He told me that I had been misled by the offer contained in the contractual clause. The letter of offer stated: “The contract is valid for an UNLIMITED PERIOD.” Under the UAE Labour Code, an employee is entitled to an “early termination indemnity” of at least three months` compensation, including salary and compensation, (or the rest of the contract term if the remaining term is less than three months) if an employer wishes to terminate the contract before the end of the limited term. 2. When is it appropriate to use a fixed-term contract? Fixed-term contracts are useful for project-based employees if the duration of these projects is known in advance.

In the meantime, I just need to have more TIYAGA (PATIENCE/PERSEVERANCE) than any Filipino tells me when I share my story. Add it with “Magpasalamat ka na lang may trabaho ka… (Just be grateful for a job.) A fixed-term contract may, at the choice of the employer or employee, be mutually terminated in accordance with the above-mentioned provisions of Article 113; or 1. What are open-ended contracts? A contract of indefinite duration is a perpetual contract without end and can be terminated for various reasons under the labor laws of the United Arab Emirates. Under the United Arab Emirates Labour Code No. 8 of 1980 (as amended) (the “UAE Labour Code”), which applies to all employers in the United Arab Emirates (with the exception of those established at the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”), there are two types of employment contracts that employers can issue to employees; fixed-term or open-ended contracts. There are several differences between the two types of contracts, including the treatment of the legal right to tip at the end of the service period and the consequences of termination. 3. How can a contract of indefinite duration be terminated by an employer? Under the UAE Labour Code, there are two main options for an employer to legally terminate a contract of indefinite duration: for a “valid” (i.e. merit-based) notice ground (the UAE Labour Code provides for a minimum notice period of 30 calendar days).

However, the parties have the right to agree on longer notice periods in the contract); or summarily (without notice or tip upon separation) for any of the 11 comprehensive grounds for serious misconduct listed in articles 88 and 120 of the United Arab Emirates Labour Code. If you have a fixed-term employment contract in the UAE and are dismissed by your employer for reasons not listed in Article 120 of the UAE Labour Code, you are entitled to compensation from your employer. This compensation can be either three months` salary or a salary for the remaining contract period, whichever is lower. As a general rule, these contracts do not contain any notice period. The termination of such a contract is carried out either by the employee or by the employer, provided that a notice period of 30 days is specified. By mutual agreement, this notice period may be extended. Remember that as an employee, you are entitled to full payment even during the notice period. The reason this is a problem for me is that before, in the job offer letter they gave me, it was said that the contract was valid for an unlimited period. There are several reasons to terminate a contract without notice under the UAE Labour Code: these contracts are accepted when an employer needs to hire employees for certain projects or a certain duration. He couldn`t believe I was thinking about other jobs when he hired me in “good faith.” He said he didn`t expect me to expect me to look for work elsewhere.

I had to answer that my problem with the VS job offer is the employment contract, as they were both different. But I also had to tell him that I have a great responsibility in my family who need me at home. An employment contract of indefinite duration is recommended for those who are looking for a more flexible, fluid and user-friendly work programme. It`s no surprise that these are more popular than their limited counterparts. These contracts can be used for employees who intend to work permanently but do not perform project work whose duration is known in advance. .

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