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Can you imagine how human life will be without the presence of computer technology? Definitely not. A study found that 25 percent of Millennial’s spend an average of five hours a day using their smartphones. A smartphone is also a computer and computer technology isn’t only about using social media. It’s more than that. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of computer education on every individual life.

Computer Knowledge provides Good Jobs

Computer technology is a very vast emerging field. From Hardware Networking to Software Engineering, 3D & Video Animation,Website and App Development, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Network Security, there are various fields on Computer Science. And having good knowledge on any fields ensures high job demand on the market. It is estimated that computers will replace many human jobs which also lead to the tremendous increase to the jobs in computer field. So, start to learn your interested computer fields.

Computer improves Learning & Research Skills

Computer technology has a global network tool, internet, which provides abundant knowledge on any topic. No matter which profession you are involved, internet has something to offer you. That’why internet has almost anything for you. From the students studying in school to the scientist working in laboratories,all can use internet for their advantages. No doubt, it is the best weapon for you to be aware on any subject. Similarly, computers can help a lot in research. A scientist can know the present discoveries and can create a new one with the help of internet. So, it is crucially important for everyone to know how to use computer system resources to improve their knowledge and research skills.

Computer Education leads to Digitalisation

We are in the phase of Digitalization. From schools, hospitals government offices to any corporations, they use computer for their daily administration as computers allows to complete task in short period of time compared to the manual work. There is no doubt that technology provides efficiency and effectiveness. So, it can be understood that having computers knowledge is a basic requirement in various sectors. Similarly, we are enjoying different amazing innovations led by the improvement in computer technology. Smart Driving cars, Speech Recognition, Image Classification, Natural Language Processing are some examples of wonderful innovations of computer science.

Computer Education makes Communication Easy

Communication has been a lot easier nowadays. In today’s technology, we use computers for communication. It provides us facilities like chatting, calling, video conferencing and many more. So, we can say that computer technology has conquered space which means we can communicate or video chat with any person living in any corner of the world. Video conferencing is widely used for the business purposes.

Computer Education makes a Global Platform

Everything is becoming online which means nowadays we can get all our desired facilities online. Today, neither we have to go to a bank for transferring money nor we have to go to the market for shopping. From online banking & shopping to online food delivery, online registration to online course, we can enjoy all these facilities online. Nowadays, language and boundary doesn’t become a barrier which make the earth a common market.

So, to conclude, Computer Education has become crucially important to learn for our convenience.

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